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Designer and Art Director Verena Michelitsch Absolutely Loves Design and Working For Her Heroes

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On episode 5 of Wellfed, I visit at the coworking space A/D/O to discuss her ongoing work with the lifestyle magazine , her passion for design and the moment she realized she needed to learn more. I really admire that even though Verena was running a creative studio at a very early time in her career, she took the opportunity to intern in order to grow her skills.  Verena's work is magnificent so it was very hard for me to try and not go on for hours about it. We cover the amazing companies she worked at previously including , and Apple as well as her process for creating spectacular work for her clients.

Verena Michelitsch working at her desk
Verena Michelitsch and some of her books she keeps on her desk
Verena Michelitsch at her coworking space in Brooklyn
Verena Michelitsch
Verena Michelitsch on Wellfed Creative Podcast


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